The Blank Sheet Project: The Power of Creativity

The Blank Sheet Project: The Power of Creativity

The Blank Sheet Project is an initiative from Arjowiggins Creative Papers, aiming to inspire creative excellence by encouraging individuals and businesses to be more innovative, thoughtful and sustainable. It asks creative professionals, given a blank sheet of paper “How will you leave your mark?”

From its introduction in 2010, The Blank Sheet Project has gone on to address and inspire a global audience of young minds. To promote its message, Arjowiggins Creative Papers currently is collaborating with two eminent organizations: D&AD and One Young World.

Sir John Hegarty, founder and global creative chairman of advertising agency BBH, in a forthright interview with D&AD Chief Executive Tim Lindsay, discloses surprising and spontaneous confessions on creativity.  His call for “game-changing” creativity reinforces The Blank Sheet Project’s message to think again — and think differently.

In choosing Hegarty to present his insights from The Blank Sheet Project, Jonathan Mitchell, business director of Arjowiggins Creative Papers says, “We believe that whatever our profession, we each have the opportunity to use the power of creativity to truly leave our mark. In Sir John Hegarty, we have a creative leader of world renown who shares this belief and isn’t afraid to express sometimes uncomfortable insights to inspire us and motivate the next generation to be great.”

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