Call for Articles and Visual Essays

Call for Articles and Visual Essays

Articles are sought for a special issue of the International Journal of Education through Art focused on the relationship between Creative Industries and art education. Since the concept of creative industries was first promoted by the UK government 10 years ago the concept has grown globally, developing differently in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and North America, and also in international bodies like UNCTAD and UNESCO.

Although questions and issues remain around definition, there is some degree of universal consensus about the economic and cultural import of the sectors that make up the Creative Industries. This development has not been without controversy but much of that debate appears to have passed the art education sector by. Some of the concerns that might be addressed by this issue are:

• Is there any evidence of national or regional Creative Industries policies affecting art education at a strategic level?
• Are there any examples where Creative Industries has impacted upon the art curriculum and where are they?
• What does or would a Creative Industries informed approach to art education look like?
• What implications does the concept of Creative Industries have for teacher education or continuous professional development (CPD)?
• What advantages or disadvantages might greater dialogue between Creative Industries and art education create?

Deadline for submissions 30 November 2012
Guest Editor: Professor Stuart MacDonald
Guidelines for authors (articles and visual essays) can be found at:

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