Authentic experience workshops

Authentic experience workshops

Are you looking for authentic experience ideas for your classroom? Dr Glen Skien, practicing artist, instructor and lecturer, has designed a series of workshops to suit visual art curriculum from senior  to middle school.

Material Thinking: The Poetics of Process provides the opportunity for visual art students to engage in a series of creative workshops underpinned by a form of  ‘material thinking’. Through a series of studio-based strategies that allow for unexpected poetic associations, material thinking provides a platform for the development of students conceptual thinking. The emphasis of any process driven methodology is a belief that the ‘making’ informs the conceptual, in contrast to the concept perpetually informing the process of making.

Read more about the artist and full workshop outlines here.

Dr. Glen Skien (DVA, MVA)
Email: [email protected]
mob:0427 850 782

Dr Glen Skein is a case study artist in Creative Inquiry