Cluster meeting information – Endorsement tips

Cluster meeting information – Endorsement tips

Recently QATA held a cluster meeting for Brisbane Metro teachers at All Hallows school. This was very well attended and was a great opportunity to discuss implementation of the new syllabus.

Important information regarding Endorsement was shared at this time and QATA would like to communicate this widely.

Please note the following tips when submitting Visual Art IA1 and IA2 tasks for Endorsement.

  1. Remember to include the cognitions from the assessment objectives in the Task. One way to do this is to ensure the assessment objectives in the ‘To complete this task you must-‘ section goes into the Task section of the app.
    Refer to QCAA sample instruments but be aware that this is not a separate section as appears in the sample.
  2. Be mindful of contextualising your stimulus experience to your school but otherwise most of the text on Visual Art instruments will not need to change. The instruments can be similar but not the same.
  3. In Ia1 the pre-populated conditions state that all three modes so that students choose the mode of the Investigation. Avoid contradicting this throughout the instrument.
  4. In the Visual Art syllabus, duration for instruments is not specified and this is reflected in the endorsement app.

For specific advice, call Jo-Anne Hine on 3864 0328 at the QCAA, or email [email protected]