Draft Visual Art syllabus feedback

Draft Visual Art syllabus feedback

Dear QATA members,

If you are not already aware, the QCAA is currently drafting the new syllabus documents for Queensland.

The first drafts have been released for feedback.

We encourage members to engage in this process in reading and responding to the draft Visual Art syllabus.

Everything you need to do is explained in the QCAA memo

Or if you want to go straight to the syllabus:

The survey link is here:


The survey is quite detailed and we would suggest having a print out of the syllabus to refer to while doing the survey or at least have it open in another window. Also allow at least half an hour to complete the survey.

QATA is keen to provide a response on your behalf as well so please feel free to send any feedback to [email protected]

Survey closes 25 May