Funding for Visual Arts and Crafts

Funding for Visual Arts and Crafts

Funding of $55.3 million will be put into strengthening and the visual arts and crafts sector all around Australia.

The Visual Arts and Crafts Strategy (VACS) will continue to receive support over four years from 2012.

“The initiative will foster creativity, innovation and excellence within the sector through ongoing funding for individuals, organisations, exhibition touring, market expansion and Indigenous arts,” Mr Crean said.

“This is about identifying and strengthening the creative talent that already exists within our vibrant arts and crafts sector. The funding will ensure that the contemporary visual arts and crafts sector is equipped to fulfil its vital role in enriching the cultural life of our nation,” Mr. Crean added.

The four year initiative will allow VACS to support over 80 contemporary visual arts and crafts organisations and provide nearly $10 million to individual artists and projects.

VACS was developed in 2004, following the 2002 Report of the Contemporary Visual Arts and Crafts Inquiry which recommended increased support for the sector by the Australian government. Since then, VACS has introduced $88.5 million into visual arts and crafts in Australia.

“We must have a rigorous approach to developing funding programs that increase the dividends of our investment in arts and culture,” Mr Crean said.

“This national approach to funding has been highly successful in building a strong and dynamic sector supported by a stable base of world-class cultural organisations,” he added.