Primary Arts Network – Twilight Conference

Primary Arts Network – Twilight Conference

Dear QATA members,

A reminder about the Primary Arts Network’s Twilight Conference next Thursday, September 8th, from 4:00 – 6:30pm.

2016 September Twilight Conference

2 hours Professional Development – Certificate referring to standards provided

Cost – Teachers- $60 or Tertiary Students – $50

Please provide a minimum of 48 hours notice for cancellations to avoid being invoiced.


St Margaret’s Anglican Girls’ School

11 Petrie St, Ascot QLD 4007

Art Centre (Please refer to the map on website)

Afternoon Tea provided

FOR SALE at the Conference: Aprons – $15 DVDs of Visual Arts Workshops – $20

Workshop 1 – Quick Mixed Media Techniques: Cheryl Boody
To show and understand: tone, texture, line, contrast, weight and pressure, balance, gradation, blending, brush purpose, life of energetic drawing, strength of a series, warm and cool colours, the cool colour recede, etc.

Each participant will be given a choice of subject matter. They will draw the image many times using a variety of techniques.

Participants please bring an insect, fruit, shell or some tonal image (not just line) that you would like to work from.

Workshop 2 – Diorama Drama: Deb Mostart

Showing students the endless fun that can happen inside a small box or receptacle. Help them make their own ‘theatre in a box’ and create the dramatic scene of their choice within the confines of a smallish space. Elements such as depth of field, perspective and choices of 2D and 3D materials stretch the imagination and make for some wonderful possibilities.

Workshop 3 – Bringing ACARA to Life in The Arts: Joy Pohlner, Valerie, Rogers, Kerrie Ryder

In this workshop processes and skills identified in visual art ACARA content descriptors will be demonstrated. A real unit planned from ACARA for Preps, but easily adapted for older children, will be unpacked, including stunning images of real work samples. A conversation about current thinking on Assessment in ACARA and specifically in the arts will be facilitated.

This session will include a presentation on using Indigenous artist, Sally Gabori’s artwork for inspiration.

Workshop 4 – Crossing the Water: Dr Rowena Riek

“Crossing the Water” – making and responding to contemporary dance in the primary school.

This session will explore contemporary dance in terms of making and responding tasks linked to the Australian Curriculum.

The workshop is a practical workshop, giving teachers the skills to construct, teach and assess a unit of dance in their classroom.

Please come dressed appropriately to get involved.

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