Regional Arts Discussion paper – Call for feedback

Regional Arts Discussion paper – Call for feedback

Dear QATA members,

We are forwarding an invitation from Terry Dean (Head of Learning at QAGOMA) on behalf of the Regional Arts Working Group of the Queensland Arts Advocacy Group to provide feedback on a draft Discussion Paper for Regional Arts that will be presented to Government on behalf of Queensland’s Art Sector.

Please take the opportunity to engage with this succinct and important document. It would be fantastic to have the voice of Arts Educators involved. The focus is on the sector more broadly, so do not be concerned about the lack of explicit reference to what is happening in the arts education landscape at the moment. There was an education break out session that will be explored in detail as matters progress.

Regional Arts Working Group of the Queensland Arts Advocacy Group

Invitation to provide feedback by Friday 16 September 2016 on the draft Discussion Paper from Regional Arts Planning Session (July 2016)

You are receiving this email as valued contributors in the arts community or the regional arts sector of Queensland.

A few months ago, the Regional Arts Working Group (RAWG) of the Queensland Arts Advocacy Group (QAAG) identified an initial list of sector representatives to attend a weekend planning session in Beaudesert on the 29 and 30 July 2016 .

The workshop’s intent was to develop a new model to move the regional arts and cultural sector in Queensland forward and provide a unified voice to government.

A good number attended a workshop and their ideas, discussion and recommendations are now outlined in this discussion paper. We all now would like to invite you to provide your input through comment on the ideas presented to ensure relevance and accuracy for the broader sector.

The aim of this process is to develop and present a case for funding to the Queensland Government by October 2016.

The discussion paper is embedded into a survey whereby you can read and comment as you go. We believe this will enable you to provide your most immediate and honest response to what is being proposed.

Please provide feedback by Friday 16 September 2016

The link to the Discussion Paper and Survey can be found HERE.

(Of course, if you prefer to read or distribute the paper without the survey please download HERE.)

We would like to suggest that you distribute the paper and survey as broadly as possible – encouraging all voices into the conversation. If there is an organisation or individual you feel would add value into the discussion, perhaps call them and invite them over the phone to take the survey rather than simply emailing it to them.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the RAWG committee by return email [email protected]

On behalf of RAWG
Rod Ainsworth
Libby Lincoln
Nigel Lavender
Kerryanne Farrer
Melissa Robertson
Suellen Maunder
Suzan Williams
Luke Harriman
Bronwyn Davies
Rebekah Butler

(Please note that RAWG and QAAG members volunteer their time on these committees in the interests of benefiting the broader sector).

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