Urban Smart Projects

Urban Smart Projects

Urban Smart Projects are responsible for the coordination of the painted traffic signal boxes that populate Brisbane. Expanding to Hobart and Melbourne, this creative initiative gives people the opportunity to design and paint their own original artwork on a chosen traffic signal box (TSB). The requirements are that:

  • You must live, work or study in the municipality of the chosen box
  • You must have your design approved by Urban Smart Projects
  • You must abide by the details outlined in the Participant Agreement (which you sign and return before painting your box)
  • You must use the paint and safety equipment that they provide you
  • Any artist under 18 is required to have an over 18 supervisor but other than that it is quite straight forward.

Urban Smart Projects have an online process where participants can reserve a TSB.

Please go to the Urban Smart Projects webpage and click on the PAINT A BOX page.

From that page you can search for a particular box or view available boxes in your area.