Visual Diary Guides – Book Launch

Visual Diary Guides – Book Launch

Dear QATA members,

Hilary Senhali has produced a Visual  Diary Guide for Yr 7 and 8 Visual Art teachers. It offers more than 40 activities for students in the form of a workbook and saves teachers precious time.

QATA members may be interested in this product.

Visual Diary Guides – Book Launch

For Year 7 and 8 Art Teachers

Recently, a survey amongst the art teachers revealed a need for a Visual Diary guide for Year 7 and 8, to alleviate teacher’s load, help students learn creativity and work as an artist does. We now have one!

Art teachers were very generous in contributing to this work by reviewing the manuscripts. As one teacher put it: the books “are well researched and easy to read with very little jargon. Given that students often overlook the process and rush to make their final piece, it is great to see an emphasis on the process, which has been broken down into accessible sections. It encourages students to work over school breaks reinforcing that the artistic process is not limited to class time – hard to get seniors motivated if you don’t start these skills earlier.”

Therefore, the student’s guide is designed as a workbook. It provides 46 fun activities tailored for the Band in line with the goals of the Australian Curriculum.

Author Hilary Senhanli is an artist-teacher with 20 years of experience who delivers Visual Diary talks to senior secondary art students since 2009.

The books can be readily purchased online at or Campion.

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