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QATA supports Visual Art educators across Queensland through professional development, representation in curriculum development and feedback, resources, forums and networking opportunities.

What We Offer

The Queensland Art Teachers Association gives you access to some incredible benefits and community.

Professional Development

Free and discounted professional development from industry experts.

Annual Conference

Discounted registration to annual state conference tickets.


Arts industry networking opportunities from leading local experts.


Access to forums for exchange of ideas online and at meetings.

Qualified Pedagogy

Access to the latest curriculum developments and help understanding and implementing.

Tertiary support

Support for pre-service and beginning teachers.


Exposure to innovative 21st century teaching and learning practices.

Practicising Art

Opportunities for exhibiting your art work.


Opportunity to share resources and the creative outcomes of your students.

All this is made possible by your membership fees. This is your organisation and we appreciate your help to keep us strong and active!

What members are saying about QATA conferences

“I’ve only been to the conferences a couple of times in the past, but have found them to be innovative and informative, and I’ve come away with fresh ideas, and a changed perception of the work I am able to do with my students.”

Karen, Sunshine Coast

These are such worthwhile gatherings for both professional learning and networking. Thank you for making them happen.

Kirsten, North Queensland

“Your organisation is always excellent, I believe you will do what’s best in the situation you’re faced with at the time. I’ve really missed catching up with everyone and attending the workshops this year. Thank you for all of your amazing work!”

Jo, Brisbane

“Hands on workshops are great, especially from practicing artists in varied fields/mediums. This keeps our teaching fresh and connected to real-world art-making.”

Liz, Brisbane

“Such a fantastic 2 days with great energy. It was a real privilege to be around like minded teachers, a rarity at times! Such an affirming and positive experience with some excellent opportunities in the curriculum and workshop presentations.”

“Overall I found the exchange conference a highly valuable and very positive experience. I learnt so much more about the new senior syllabus; I had the chance to network and catch up with long lost art teacher colleagues; I learnt new skills and developed further making skills in the hands on workshops; The catering was excellent. On top of all this the helpers you had over the two days were like ‘angels’ providing so much support in running the event and especially in helping presenters to set up and clean up at the workshops. WELL DONE QATA TEAM. You all deserve a huge congratulations. It makes me happy to know that there is a very strong group of dedicated people working hard in advocating and strengthening Visual Art!”

Maxine, Brisbane

Elevate Your Classroom

Your QATA membership gives you access to our resource bank, featuring shared resources as well as special projects made exclusively for members.

Free resources for members

For example:

Sophie Munns in conversation

Join Sophie in her studio as she discusses her body of work and her ‘homage to the seed’.

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