About QATA

Advocates of Visual Art education in Queensland, since 1961.

The aims and objectives of the Queensland Art Teachers Association (QATA) are to:

  • further education in, about and through Visual Art and design
  • act as a medium of communication on matters concerning Visual Art and design educators
  • safeguard and raise standards and conditions of Visual Art and design as a profession.

QATA is a non-profit association run by an executive committee of volunteers.


The QATA Constitution was revised  and amendments approved at the Annual General Meeting on Saturday 28 November 2020.

2023 Executive Committee

The executive roles are held by volunteers. Positions are nominated and voted for at the annual general meeting.
Click on the position title for a description of the responsibilities of each role.


Victoria Boulter-Groening

Vice President

Rossina Moore


Karen McCarthy-Wendijk


Dani Towers

Resources Coordinator

Rossina Moore

Memberships Officer

Victoria Boulter-Groening

Primary Coordinator

Karen McCarthy-Wendijk

Cluster Coordinator

Nicki Crerar

Professional Development Coordinator

Luana Davidson

If you would like to nominate for an Executive Committee position, please click the button below to submit your nomination. Nominations can be received anytime up to 1 week prior to the AGM.

Next AGM: February 2024

History of QATA

QATA began publishing regular quarterly journals in 1971. Known as “ISABOUT”, the printed journal connected and communicated with members throughout the state, providing feature articles, work units, ideas for the classroom, developments in industry training, current art education issues, innovations, explorations, and film, video and exhibition reviews.