Welcome Back to 2012!

Welcome Back to 2012!

Welcome back!

By now I’m sure you are all getting into the swing of the new term, so we will be holding our first meeting for 2012 next Wednesday 15th Feb at Churchie, (Anglican Church Grammar School) Oaklands Parade, East Brisbane.  Our meeting coincides with the National Curriculum – The Arts update webinar next week, so we will be kicking off our meeting by tuning in.  For that reason, we start at the special time of 3:30pm.  Click here for details on the meeting, and a map for where we will be meeting at Churchie.  Please note – there is limited parking, so you may want to get arrive a little earlier, as there are parking inspectors often in the area.

We have started making some changes to how we run QATA, to make it a more user friendly and easily accessible association.  The first of these changes is that QATA is moving to a website-based email subscription service. Your email details will be automatically moved to this service – but no private details or information will be shared or uploaded to the QATA website. As you are added to the email subscription list, an email will be sent to confirm your subscription. You will need to click activate to start subscribing.

Future communication from the QATA executive will be sent through our website, which will automatically generate an email to be sent to you. You will also be able to manage the frequency that these emails are sent, and of course, opt out of the subscription at any time.  We hope to have this completed in the coming week, so most members should expect to receive an email confirming their subscription by the end of the week.  If you have not received this email by Monday next week, or know someone that should be subscribed and isn’t, please contact myself, or one of the Executive team and we will follow up for you.  The idea is that you will all be better connected to QATA, and the various Arts opportunities that QATA promotes.  Please stay tuned to our website for further QATA updates.

Due to the change of student free days this year, we will be holding the annual QATA PD day on a Saturday.  More details to follow, however a date claimer for now:  Saturday 4th August for our annual QATA PD day.  Pop it in your diary!!!

Looking forward to seeing you all next Wednesday at 3:30pm, at Churchie.

Jessica Wall